PROJECTS are my explorations of themes or ideas that interest me. They are also my way of using the potential of photography as a scientific tool for exploring our social lives.  

The Fathers and Sons (2009) and Mothers and Daughters (2011) looked at two of the most important relationships that influence us as we grow up. On this page I have included both collections in full and roughly in the order they were shot.

The images reflect how I like to shoot most of my portraits, looking for authentic and spontaneous moments of connection and the joy of being together.

I try to minimise my own presence to keep the focus on the subjects. In this way I feel the intimacy and privacy of the relationship is maintained.

These collections may be bought as books from here...

Fathers and Sons, 2009 Mothers and Daughters, 2011


EXTRAORDINARY TALENT was a book publication in 1998. The book (and 2 major exhibitions) was an exploration and sampling of people working in the arts around Canberra. 

TWO GARDENS: TWO PASSIONS is a book and collection of images I had taken in my garden and my neighbour's over around 2 years. It is more an exploration of colour than a guide to plants. The book may be viewed and purchased here...

RED HILL MOB is a book and collection of kangaroos I photographed on Red Hill in the heart of Canberra. The book may be viewed and purchased here...

Two Gardens: Two Passions, 2011

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Red Hill Mob: Kangaroos, 2012

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Sand Dunes of Vietnam, 2011

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Vietnam, 2011




The image we hang on our walls says a lot about who we are and the mood we want to project.

Now you can invest the right images for your home or corporate space. You may choose either a single image or a whole collection. For corporate investors please contact me to discuss the right combination of images to give the mood or feeling you want for your space.

Print sizes are perfect for either single installation of as collections.

Investment for 36x24" (90x60cm) prints is $988 each (framing add $500)

Investment for 45x30" (115x75cm) print is $1489 (framing add $700)

Please enquire for pricing of collection of two or more.