Sand dunes are a classic subject for photographers. The play of light and shadow create a 3-dimensional effect, enhanced by the strong lines and ripples of sand.

On the wall these images offer the classic undulating lines and texture of the dunes and a purity from the sands. The black-and-white creates a timeless feel that blends with any decor while the vibrancy of the colour images gives an energy and a more specific warm-colour quality.

Print sizes are perfect for either single installation of as collections.

Investment for 36x24" (90x60cm) prints is $988 each (framing add $500)

Investment for 45x30" (115x75cm) print is $1489 (framing add $700)

Please enquire for pricing of collection of two or more.

Below are 12 images from the collection. More are available.

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This is the full collection (not all images may be purchased)

Sand Dunes of Vietnam, 2011

The book may be viewed and purchased here...