These amazing marsupials make everybody smile. I set out to photographed them interacting with each other - very much as I photograph people - but found they liked to pose for me. Or that's how it seems. The younger kangaroos in particular were as interested in me as I was of them. So I captured their expressions and poses and realised just how humanlike they appeared.

These kangaroo portraits look great on the wall and give a room a happy and informal feel.

Print sizes are perfect for either single installation of as collections.

Investment for 36x24" (90x60cm) prints is $988 each (framing add $500)

Investment for 45x30" (115x75cm) print is $1489 (framing add $700)

Please enquire for pricing of collection of two or more.

Below are 12 images from the collection. More are available.

The book may be viewed and purchased here...



























































The full collection of Kangaroo portraits may be viewed here.

Red Hill Mob: Kangaroos, 2012

The book may be viewed and purchased here...