How we decorate our wall speaks of who we are, how we feel and who we care about. Your selection of framing complements your décor, giving your home a special character. 

Some of the great features of traditional print portraits

  • The traditional photographic print still has unique qualities we all love and enjoy.
  • A beautifully framed portrait print personalises your living space and proclaims your pride and what you truly value.
  • A great portrait print allows you to view it in a more relaxed way and to reflect upon the captured moment.
  • While a larger portrait has a distinct presence a smaller framed portrait on the desktop or shelf adds an intimate feel.
  • The ‘low-tech’ portrait print blends in well with traditional and ongoing family portrait collections and retains the considerable charm of being something that can be held and touched. It can also be given as a gift without the need for electronic devices.


Triptychs can tell a whole story in one frame and are very popular.

These look great as either a vertical or a horizontal layout and are also available in all framing finishes.

Sizes and Prices for individual Prints and Framing  


 Size (Inch)

Size (cm)

Print only


Desktop: perfect to sit on the desk or shelf, also great gifts 6x4" 15x10cm $48  
8x6" 20x15cm $88
10x8" 25x20cm $168
Small & gift: great for clusters  12x8" 30x20cm $183 $275
15x10" 40x25cm $318 $429
Medium: perfect as a group and as a personal gallery style collection 16x16" 40x40cm $488 $634
20x15" 50x40cm $568 $738
Large: best match for larger spaces, especially modern living room 24x20" 60x40cm $888 $1243
36x24" 90x60cm $1683 $2356
60x40" 150x125cm $3898 $5457
Triptych: 2 sizes to suit most purposes  30x12" (75x30cm)   $488 $686
40x16" (100x 40cm)    $888 $1268
Prices are in Australian dollars and subject to change without notice
All orders require a deposit of at least 50% to proceed. Payment may be made with paypal, cash, cheque or direct bank deposit.