For just a moment think about your family albums. Are any other possession more important to you?

Every single photograph tells its story and is an irreplaceable witness to our lives. The most precious photographs may be those that help us remember our own childhood or special moments, or they may recall our children’s or our parents’ or grandparents’ lives.

The family photo-album tells the story of where we have come from and who we are. It captures who and what matters to us, and what our hopes and aspirations are. We can sit with an album whenever we want to. We can hand it to others so they can look. We can reflect on the stories our precious albums tell. 

Fortunately the digital revolution offers the most fabulous update to the concept of photo-album. These may be as high-quality photobooks or tradition photo-prints mounted and bound in albums. Now, once again, we can have our lives preserved in the most beautiful and convenient form for us to enjoy now and for generations to come.

I am committed passionately to preserving the family album. To ensure there is something to match all needs I have sourced some of the best quality and value products on the planet.

Heirloom Album - 14x14" or 16x12" -  is the largest size and a favourite for weddings to show off the full spectacle of the day, but also popular for families. Price from $1488
Family Album - 12x12" or 14x11" - is the most popular and perfect for family albums and weddings. Price from $1288
Parents Album - 10x10" or 11x8" - is very popular for parent of wedding couples to keep a copy for themselves, and for portfolios and engagements/couples. Price from 1088
Children's Album - 8x8" or 8x6" - are popular smaller versions of Family Albums that each child can keep for themselves. Price from $888
NEW: SPECIAL GIFT ALBUM - 6x6" - this is a wonderful and economical album to give away or keep for yourself as a regular update-album for your family. Price from $788








These award-winning Premium photo-books are printed by my lab in Melbourne and offer a comprehensive range of cover and paper finishes. I include the fantastic customised presentation boxes with every order at no extra charge. I also DO NOT charge extra for additional pages. Full album and Custom Presentation boxes range from $1330 for the Children's Album up to $2695 for the impressive Heirloom Album. All colour and tone grading of the digital images is done by me so they match. Extra retouching is done where necessary.



These are traditional photographic prints mounted seamlessly onto pages and bound into the album. Cover options include leather, a printed image-wrap or an image under acrylic. You may also choose page thickness. These albums start at just $788 with 16 sides - additional pages do cost extra.

Album with 'crystal' acrylic cover and leather presentation box

Album can lay flat for impressive full spread













Another option I offer is to prepare a design for blurbbooks. The full design and image-enhamncement service charge is $1888. The advantage is you can then order many multiple copies much cheaper than the Premium range.