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Class of 2015: Portrait Collection

100A2411100A2411 This collection was partly a record of the boys’ encounter with me and my studio and partly a record of a generation at a major transition point in their lives.

   I included both ‘serious’ and ‘less serious’ portrait studies, which, I think, serve to capture the spirit of the Class of 2015 and the fun of the studio sessions. No doubt some portraits are quite characteristic of the boys while some may challenge how we normally see or think of them. My intention is to entertain while revealing something more serious and fresh.

I was keen to capture a record of these young men before they walk out of the school at the end of Term 3 and into the rest of their lives (after they complete their exams, of course). I have known many for 15 years - since their ELC days - and watched (and shot) their development as if they were my own – but, thankfully, without having to live with them or feed them!

I also wanted to show that ‘formal’ portraiture still has a place in modern life and can live side-by-side with the ubiquitous iPhone. Naturally, I feel it is a shame to entrust some 13+ years of schooling to a poor quality iphone snap when the alternative could be a portrait that treats this landmark event and the lives of these young men with the respect they deserve.

Finally, I enjoy shooting collections for what the images may tell us when viewed as a collection – socially, historical, personally – especially when treated formally and with a particular stylistic unity. In this instance the clean ‘no fuss’ backdrop foregrounds the subjects who have nowhere to hide and have to bear their souls to the camera.

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I have posted the Graduation Portraits I shot at the residence here as well as the 'proofs' from the Class of 2015 Exhibition studio shoots in separate galleries.

If you are interested in ordering any images please note the distinction between the two. It may seem a bit confusing...

1. The Graduation Portraits ('speed-shooting' session at the school residence) maybe be bought directly online as a print or as a digital download (or both). They will not be retouched any more than they have already - they are sold as is. You can opt for the plain portrait or the same image with a blue background and text (or both). Prices for these are the same as the online CGS galleries used to be. 

Residence...full-frame portrait BLUE...with blue artwork

2. The Class of 2015 Exhibition studio shoot images will be retouched beyond how they appear in the online galleries. They are only sold as prints and must be ordered directly with me. So by all means have a look at them online to see if there's anything you like, but please come and see me to talk about the options. They can be printed at any size.

As an expression of my gratitude for being involved in the Class of 2015 project, and to accommodate everyone's different needs, I have given all participants a $100 credit to be used towards any prints you'd like to order. That means the 18cm square print is FREESee all prices here...

In most cases I have shot more images than the displayed exhibition prints which you can view in individual online galleries. To access the galleries please contact mePlease note you can not order these prints online directly, you will need to contact me to let me know what you'd like. I also encourage you to come and view them in my studio on a larger screen if you can make the time.

I'm sorry if it seems confusing. Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you'd like to come and have a look.

Also, if you'd like a portrait session but missed out I'm very happy to organise a time to shoot. I'd like to continue shooting a more comprehensive coverage of the year if possible anyway.


...The initial call for participants

I'm calling for subjects to be photographed from Grammar's Class of 2015. Contact me for your studio shoot. Organise a group. But be quick because time is running out...

DSC_1687DSC_1687 DSC_1819DSC_1819


Ending Year 12 marks the end of childhood, teenhood and about 13 years of schooling. It also starts the major phase of our lives known as adulthood. The only other major transition point I can think of in my life (so far) was parenthood: nothing was the same after that!

My memory of ending school is of mixed feelings: keen to get on with life and to have adult life-options while at the same time quite anxious of how to deal with life (at 53 I’m still quite anxious about my future).

Now, in my capacity as a current parent and through my photographic work for Grammar over the years, I have seen and photographed many of the Class of 2015 all the way from Pre-School days and been given a rare opportunity to see you all develop. It has also makes me reflect and contrast my own Grammar days in the 1970’s and my son’s today.

What I’m hoping to achieve…

In the last few years I have shot many studio portraits but would like to undertake a more extensive project, hoping to record this transition in a more formal way. The intention is to exhibit a collection of portraits in The Gallery in the last weeks of this third term, before the Year 12s leave.

As you can see from the previous portraits here I would shoot a range of shots that captures you and your school interests as they are now. Now doubt you will change in the near future, but this is a chance to capture you at this moment. With such projects I always need a range of creative options because it is always difficult to know from the outset exactly what the results will be and what shots work best for you. Often it is only at the end of the project with a collection of images that any broader conclusions or observations can be made and even then they mean different things to every individual.

What to wear and how to prepare…

Firstly, school uniform – because it marks the end of that time.

Secondly, something that marks your interest at school – for musicians and sporty-types this is easy while for others you’ll need to be more creative.

Finally, you are welcome to wear ‘civies’ – a regular business outfit could be a good idea, or just plain casual.

Possibly the great benefit to you is the chance to gain some experience being photographed more formally and to develop on-camera skills and understand how to respond to a camera and get the best result. Learning how to be photographed well is a handy life-skill in itself.

Also, if you want to be photographed with other students that is no problem. We can shoot singles and combination. We’d need to allow extra time for that. Typically a single portrait will take about 30 minutes or more. I like to load images onto the computer so we can see how you are looking which also allows you to have some control over how you are photographed.

This is not a Grammar shoot…

As you may or may not know I have been a commercial photographer in Canberra for over 30 years. I work on average one day per week at Grammar to shoot their images for PR. As you may also know the School has tight requirements for privacy and the use of student images. Therefore this project is something I am doing outside of the School. Many of you may recall the Fathers and Sons and Mothers and Daughters projects I had a few years ago – this is similar. To confuse the matter I am planning to exhibit the collection in The Gallery at Grammar.

The information here is for parents and students. Those I have already spoken to are very enthusiastic to be involved and those I've shot already really loved the experience! So if you think you might be interested please me know ASAP because this term will end before you know it and I need everything shot by early September !

...And it cost nothing to participate.

Contact me here for all booking or questions. But be quick because time is running out.

Thank you,



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