A fun and intensive hands-on day to help you master your camera

You can read and study as much as you want about photography, but there is nothing quite like spending time with a pro to see how its really done!

So I have developed an enjoyable and intensive hands-on photo-session to help you improve your photographic skills.

This is ideal for anyone who wants
  • to get up and running with your own gear as fast as you can
  • to work out what kind of equipment you should buy for yourself
  • to develop or improve your current skills
  • to learn a few professional tricks
The format is an intensive day with a lot of shooting and reviewing PLUS 
a light-weight introduction with as much "theory" as you'll need.
Outcomes for workshop sessions
Theory sessions provide an overview of photograph including: 
  • knowing what you are trying to achieve and developing a photographic way of looking at the world;
  • basic controls on your camera - aperture, shutter speed, focus and ISO;
  • understanding total workflow from object and idea to shooting and enhancing your photograph in the computer.
Emphasis is on developing broader conceptual knowledge you can easily apply to any subject or situation.
Groups are small so you get a lot of one-to-one time and the day is always a lot of fun.
The day starts at 9.30am and finishes around 5.00pm.
I try to schedule tutoring days for the 2nd Sunday of each month (subject to workload and other bookings).

Every camera is different and every camera has it's own logic. I will help you learn to use your camera so you have the confidence and knowledge to shoot more successfully.
Please note that while many lower-end consumer cameras may seem limited in what they can do there is still much you can learn about photography with this program - even the humble iPhone can take great shots under the right conditions.
Plus, if you are thinking of buying or upgrading your camera this information will be invaluable. Making the right investment up-front is critical.
Cost of lessons
Each lesson costs $190 and includes lunch.
School students $150 (under 15 to be accompanied by a parent).
Contact me ASAP with an expression of interest or to book.
Some students images from the first landscape workshop