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Families may now purchase digital images or printed images at special prices directly from this website. Simply follow the prompts register or login. If a gallery requires a password EMAIL WILLIAM.

DIGITAL DOWNLOADS are files you may download directly to your computer. There are several resolution sizes starting at just $3.99 (and sometimes they are FREE).

LOW RES (500 pixels, 800 pixels and 1200 pixels) is fine for online and screen use.

MID RES (about 2000 pixels) great for more detail and OK for small prints.

HIGH RES (about 4000 pixels) to fill larger computer screens and print to 25cm.

ONLINE PRINTING SERVICE is a premium quality printing with finished prints posted to you directly. Prices starting at just $9.95 with postage for just $8. You may also be given the option to crop the images to your preference.

Please note it is the policy of the School to respect every individual's right to privacy, particularly with the use of digital images on the internet. By purchasing and downloading images we ask you respect the rights of others and agree to NOT use the images in any derogatory or harmful way and refrain from 'tagging' others without their expressed permission.

Please also note the images available on this site are licensed only to be used for personal purposes only and may NOT be used for any commercial purpose without permission of the copyright holder, William Hall. Any questions or correspondence please contact me directly, William Hall. Thank you.